In Edit/Create Group pages, you will find a lot of different permissions. 

Permissions are crucial for your business; it should be completely inspired by your company structure.

Types of permissions

In Smart Sailors, you have 2 types of permissions :

Read data permissions

Ships and departments are assigned to each user. User will be able to see only data linked to the ships assigned to his profile

Important: if you don't assign ships to your user, it will have access to none of them.

This settings can be find in Create / Edit users page in MyCompany module.

Create/Update permissions

You can find all permissions related to creation and modification on pages Create / Edit Group pages like below :

  • Blue: define access to modules (Safety or Technical). If you do not enable this toggle, all users belonging to this group won't have access to this module

  • Green: define access to data creation or update. 

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