Smart Sailors shows you the current state of your fleet of vessels. It makes it easy for your sailors and technical management to manage all works that needs to be done on ships on a regular basis.

What can I do with Smart Sailors ?

  • Optimize your engine usage: do not forget your planned maintenance and track your running meters. 
  • Structure lifecycle of your critical equipments: save events that occurred on your equipments 
  • Improve your ship continuity of service: be sure to have your stocks available, your critical maintenance done and your official documents valid so you can maximize your ship usage.  
  • Share your knowledge across your company: there are always key persons that knows everything of the company : stock locations, providers, etc. Let them share their knowledge to the rest of your colleagues.
  • Track your gas consumptions: Save your rest on board and your tank fillings so you know exactly what you consume
  • Dematerialize all your documents: Ship certificates, crew documents, invoices

Who uses Smart Sailors ?

  • Crews onboard who want to get their ship organised in a central accessible tool where they can search ship history, get their weekly planning and collaborate with their colleagues.
  • Managers that want to have a complete vision of their fleet state without hearing about IT. 

What sets Smart Sailors apart ?

Smart Sailors has been founded by four sailors. We are purely dedicated to sailors well-being. We want to offer the most intuitive software to sailors so they can manage their ship without any IT hassle. 

In addition, our support team is composed with sailors so you can explain your problem in maritime terms and we'll be able to provide you a product solution.

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